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A body of work that explores childhood memories, domestic simplicity and nostalgia.

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Work for Sale & Commissions

Ann is happy to sell work from the website if you see anything you like, or if you prefer, contact 


Ann for a commission, she is happy to create something that is individual and personal to you.

Simply get in touch, she would love to speak with you.

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Artist Statement

My memories have formed the way I think and feel and the way in which I work. The found objects I use with the metal and clay, small and insignificant, used and forgotten, are the physical aspect of work that is based on an emotional, nostalgic concept.


Tools and utensils, the things we use and work with every day, are often taken for granted, easy to discard and replace with newer versions. 


I create cutlery, tools and utensils, utilising the found objects as handles. The cutlery and tools are made from copper or sterling silver and are enamelled, textured and oxidised, therefore rendering them impractical for everyday use but giving them a new role as a piece of decorative art that will, hopefully, prompt an emotional response.


The ceramic pieces are hand built using the coiling method from smooth stoneware body. They are glazed and decorated with decals and gold lustre and often given an old, found lid or handle to embellish them further.


I have learnt not to disregard simple emotions and not to discard simple objects; all have a place

and a story to tell.

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